How it works?

Voting package consists of three basic elements:

  • Set of pilots
  • Central device - a base station
  • Software that runs on the basis of the program MS Power Point

Small size of the pilot - 11 x 2,79 x 6,95 cm - fits easily in a pocket. Pilot is very simple and does not require hardly any skill. The pilot has only three colored buttons and a clear, single-position numeric display, with respondent selected response option ranging from 1 to 9.

Central device is responsible for communication between the computer and stream pilots. Base station picks up every single vote, and then appear on the screen voting results in the form of charts, diagrams or numerical results, quantitative or rates.

Software is based on the PowerPoint program (system requirements: Windows XP Professional and Office Professional 2003). After installing the software PowerPoint program is available at an additional barrow to create interactive presentations. The interface is intuitive and very easy to handle. The system stores the results in the form of Power Point slides and detailed Excel spreadsheets.

The two-way communication between the central unit and the remote controls occurs on 2.4 GHz radio frequency. This means: 

  • Stability - 2.4 GHz radio frequency excludes interference from external sources
  • Precision - the central unit sends the confirmation of vote acceptance to the remote control, and prevents the selection of responses from outside the scope of alternatives specified for a particular question
  • Speed - immediate vote registration - result within a few seconds
  • User-friendly software - simple modification of an MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Result verification - archiving of responses given by particular remote controls