Using the system

Wireless GP Voting system can be used during such events, as

  • conferences, conventions, employee training 
  • medical workshops 
  • marketing research, opinion polls, public opinion surveys session 
  • management boards, supervisory board, general meetings of local government organizations, chambers of commerce and association decision makers by secret or open ballot exams
  • tests, quizzes, games, competitions

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GP Voting makes it possible to

  • weighted voting assign individual devices to the participants 
  • conduct quizzes with the display of individual and group rankings 
  • answers to multiple choice questions vote the same remote control by a few people 
  • marking answers as correct, change the decision during the vote, creation of bulleted questions quiz answers 
  • split into groups during the course of events 
  • continuation games starting points by placing groups reduce the time of voting 
  • playing music during the vote


GP Voting at General Meetings

Supports votes involving the choice of answers: for, against or abstain (three colored buttons). For presentation, you can enter the content of the resolutions just before the vote, add the date and time of the vote, and any background of a slide, which will display the results. Pilot has a unique number, you can assign it to an individual participant.

Votes: Proof of voting is a Power Point slide with the results in clear figures and percentages. The result can be immediately printed and archived after viewing. In the case of public voting outcome is recorded as an Excel document, which is listed as voting in each pilot.

Import shareholders: Fast assignment of pilots to the persons entitled to vote, based on previously prepared list. Participants are assigned a specific remote control and the importance of voting, when taking part in the voting shares.